Fuck 2021, I'm back with Brendan...


2021 can fucking bite itself in the ass. Here we are, 9 fucking days into the new year and we've had a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions, already. I can't handle another 356 days of this shit. So I'm withdrawing back to A Place of Safety. I figure if we're going to have something similar to The Troubles happen in the US, may as well get prepped for it.

The Troubles began with civil rights marches, where peaceful protesters were attacked all over the place by those who wanted to remain in power. A lot of it was caught on camera in newsreels and photographs, and the attackers didn't care if they were seen committing illegal assaults. They knew they would not be held accountable...and sure enough, they weren't.

It didn't matter how the world viewed their actions; they maintained real control until the Easter Accord of 1998. It took thirty years of death and destruction to wear them down before they agreed to even share power, and that pissed off a shitload of the radicals on the Protestant side. There are still people trying to destroy the accord, on both sides. It's like no one learned a goddamned thing about what happens if you don't let people be part of the process.

We may be entering that here, now. The Right Wing Nut Jobs had social media to build their forces and they currently number in the tens of millions. An ungodly number of them tried to grab members of Congress, including the Vice President, and probably kill them. All on camera. And with what is looking more and more like the help of Capitol Police. All at the instigation of a lunatic who can't stand to lose.

Some of them are being arrested, but nowhere near all. Members of Congress who egged them on are still in their seats. There's talk of impeaching the Orange Bastard a second time. Next week. Not now, gonna wait next week to give him time to wreak more damage. And if we do stop this insurrection, there will be hundreds if not thousands of pockets of RWNJs who will begin their terrorism of those they oppose. Assassinations. Bombings. Laying blame for their actions on others. And the cops will go along with it because so many of them are on the terrorists' side.

We are now living in interesting times, so I'm removing myself back to when it was only small-scale evil as opposed to armageddon. It's easier to deal with.


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