Working on A Place of Safety ...

 ...And working and working. I'm going through it backwards to get myself better oriented to what's going on in this sprawling Russian Novel of a story. What's fun is, it's helping me get even more vested into Brendan's life and he's letting himself reveal more of himself to me. I now am adding more of an emotional connection to the events, for him.

There's one bit near the end that I was sure would stay exactly where it was, but it required Brendan to have a Hollywood I was really set on. Where he says goodbye for the last time to the girl he's always loved after imaging the kind of life he could have had with her...and it got dumped. It didn't ring true right then, and when I shifted it to later in the book, the Hollywood moment of goodbye was gone. A case of me killing a darling.

I know once it's done this book will be a good 300,000 words long...which is about half the length of War and Peace. Gone With the Wind is over 420,000. Anna Karenina is over 350,000. I Suppose could push to make APoS longer and better and deeper, I suppose...but it's up to Brendan; he's the one telling the story and he will decide when it's ready.

I finished A Society on the Run and find some things I'd put in the first part weren't right. I've already gone back and changed a few. Plus, writing the third part is showing me events that need to be added to the first part as well as the second...but that's how it goes.

I write what I'm told...and am loving it.


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