The end is the end...and still the beginning...


I've got the ending of APoS set in the way that makes everyone happy. Now I'm going to let it sit for a while to give myself some perspective; I'm way too tight with the story and Brendan's life, at the moment. I can't see what works and what doesn't, but it's not ready to send to get feedback on, yet...and to be honest, I'm not sure who I could send it to.

Not that it's a pressing issue. I figure on at least two more passes through it before I might be willing to ask. Probably three. And those will take place over the course of 2021.

I'm not rushing this story. After playing around with it and fighting it and trying to talk myself out of even attempting it for the last 20 years, another 12 months ain't gonna make no difference. I can now focus on my reading and research, to better work in the area's social mores. That's going to be my Achilles Heel. I'm not from there and I've had two people I met in Derry say there was no way I could make it right for a Derry person. Did a lot to boost my confidence...not.

What's nice is, Brendan seems happy with me, for a change. That is a huge deal, to me. I'm letting him breathe in full...and he does things that are not nice, at times...things I would rather he not do. But I'm seeing him as human and real, almost complete, which is usually a good indication I'm doing right.

And always a danger signal that I'm falling in love with my words.


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