Laziness ensues...

 I didn't do jack shit, today. On anything. My mind just slammed headlong into a brick wall and I could not figure out a course of action to take to get around it. So I sat at my laptop and surfed the web and argued with some idiots about the election and achieved nothing.

Maybe this is a good thing. I dunno. I just know right now I'm feeling very lazy and unfocused. I could have continued reading A Society on the Run. I could have dug into any of my dozen of other books on Northern Ireland. I could have updated a section of book one of APoS to reflect ideas I had, yesterday. But no.

Well...not totally nothing. I did seek out images of a porn star named Phenix Saint. He'd be a good illustration of Vermin in Hunter. If I ever do work up an adult coloring book. I'd just need to make him blond. He falls into working with Hunter, in Book One, fulfilling orders for men. He winds up getting betrayed at the end of Book Two because he's grown lost in the game.

Of course, he turns up later, ready for revenge...but things don't go as planned, as usual in my books.


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