Finally back on track

 I have my new book, Hunter, set up in Ingram (paperback due out November 6th, $14.95), Smashwords (the whole story, with an additional bit, in ebook, also on the 6th), and Kindle Select (Book 1, "When I go Hunting..." available now). We'll see how these work. I guess the next step is to update my website, even though no one pays attention to it,

I also wrote some on A Place of Safety book 3 -- Derry '81, for NaNoWriMo. 2160 pages. A good start...and getting a hint better. Brendan is en route back to Derry in the middle of Bobby Sands' hunger strike. Not exactly the best time to return to his home, but his mother has cancer and is supposedly fading fast. He uses a friend's identity to pass through Customs Entry, and when he gets there sees he's been mislead about the seriousness of her condition.

Now he's got to worry about the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the IRA, PIRA, the British Army and past acquaintances in the Protestant world swirling around him, threatening to take a bite the moment they realize he's back. They know he witnessed a bombing and believe he knows who set it.

What I have is still too easy and surface, but it's laying down the basic storyline for the remainder of the book. I started re-reading the opening part, which goes from 1966-1972, but I kept stopping to make changes and correct typos and it was putting me behind.

Didn't help that I started the day with a niggling headache. I didn't sleep well, last night, which was part of the problem, so it took me hours to settle down and focus on the writing.

With me, there's always an excuse...


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