Another step closer on a 5 mile yourney

 I know very time I read through what I've written on A Place of Safety, I should think I'm one step closer to being done. But I've still got miles to go before this book is in decent enough shape to even show to anyone for feedback, let alone publish. And I have dozens of books on the subject still to read through to get the true feel of the area...well, as true a feel as possible, considering I never lived there. Guess I'll be doing my usual slog of writing and rewriting and re-re-writing and on and on till I can't do a thing more.

It's been 10 months since I last looked at this part of the book. I won't be handing it out quickly, not at that rate. Probably not for at least another year or so. I'm still digging into the characters and how to deepen them and make it say more than this simple string of events can.

Not like I need to push so much, since they're fleshing themselves out, interesting. What makes it difficult is how Brendan is in a city that's thousands of miles from home and he has no way to know what's really going on except through snippets he catches on the news and letters sent by his sister in Toronto, who can't say much because they don't want to give away where he he's hiding.

I'd also forgotten about a number of things I added when finishing the first draft. Things I need to put not only in Derry '81 but also slip into book 1, so they start to pay off in book 2. Brendan's showing he's got a bit of his father's temper and cruelty, throughout, as well. He's become more complex, to me.

I'm happy there's forward movement on this, now, even if the task is daunting...


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