National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow

 I am finally getting back to focus on A Place of Safety and using NaNoWriMo to do it. Book 3 -- Derry '81 -- needs a lot of work. It's trite and glib and shallow, so I'm making it my November project. It's a bit of a cheat, but only to me; I don't win anything. All I get out of this is a new draft of a book I've been avoiding for too damned long...and this gives me extra motivation to get it done.

I used NaNoWriMo to work up Book 1,  eleven years ago. I should have used it during the following years to get 2 & 3 set, but I didn't. It's a scary story to be working on, for me, and I just wasn't ready. Wasn't confident enough. But having worked on three books now set in places other than the US, and seeing how they came together and how the characters worked with me to make those other worlds realistic, I'm now set to dig back in.

I'll try to do a post a day as I go along, but no guarantees. I'm headed down to NYC on the 8th for a couple of jobs, and am set to go to West Palm Beach on the 16th, for another one. That one...I'm not totally comfortable with. But I learned long ago being afraid of traveling somewhere is not in my nature. I can get nervous and unsure, but I also take precautions and go with the flow...and it usually goes okay.

The one new issue is that WPB is where the GOP is doing its damndest to convince people there is no Covid-19 or that it's only as bad as the flu. Which is bullshit. So I'm set up in a hotel room that has a microwave, have several N95 masks, and I'll hit a grocery story and do no dining out. Zero. Zip. Nada. And soon as I get back I'll get a Covid test. I'll need one, anyway, since I'm having a colonoscopy on December 4th and it's required.

Of course, all of this is happening after an election that promises to be hell on earth, thanks to Republicans.

I so love living in interesting times...


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