Lost in another book...

Got busy writing and neglected my blog, like a bad boy.

I'm down to the last part of the book that took me over, Hunter, and I'm fighting myself over what to do. I can't figure out the ending. I've come at it from several angles and none of them work.

What it boils down to, however, is me wondering just how far I can go with this character and story. How amoral can I let him be to make my point?

Let him be...that's funny. I don't "let" my characters be who they want. They do as they please, and if I don't go along with them, I churn out crap. Stories unreal and nonsensical. But does that matter when the story is over the top, like this one is?

Hunter is a beast. The whole point of the story is he has become the perfect capitalist. He's found a venue for making money and is fulfilling it. That it includes ruining the lives of others, well...them's the breaks.

I think the middle class puritan part of me wants him punished for this, as I've had done to other characters in my books...like Curt in HTRASG and Antony in RIHC6, both of which were banned due to the intensity of their MCs' actions. I've also done it to Devlin in UG. He committed many evil acts before saving Reg's life, almost at the expense of his own.

So I wrote a portion that had Hunter beaten...except it felt wrong. Next came a bit where he figures out he's being set up...except that was just too easy. It's like I don't want him to go through with his plans because that makes him irredeemable. But maybe he is...and maybe he should be to the end.

So maybe I'm caught in my own limited morality. Good is rewarded, finally, and evil is punished...eventually...and we all have the capacity for decency in us.

Something I don't really believe, anymore.


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