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Lost in another book...

Got busy writing and neglected my blog, like a bad boy. I'm down to the last part of the book that took me over, Hunter , and I'm fighting myself over what to do. I can't figure out the ending. I've come at it from several angles and none of them work. What it boils down to, however, is me wondering just how far I can go with this character and story. How amoral can I let him be to make my point? Let him be...that's funny. I don't "let" my characters be who they want. They do as they please, and if I don't go along with them, I churn out crap. Stories unreal and nonsensical. But does that matter when the story is over the top, like this one is? Hunter is a beast. The whole point of the story is he has become the perfect capitalist. He's found a venue for making money and is fulfilling it. That it includes ruining the lives of others, well...them's the breaks. I think the middle class puritan part of me wants him punished for t

Scaring the devil?

I’ve been trying to read some books that claim to be evil and dark and all that stuff, but I’m finding they’re just gross and irritating. There’s a wall between them and me, and I don’t know if it’s my sensibilities or if the stories are just not what they claim to be, but I have a feeling what I think is evil is too real for those who are making movies or writing fiction about it. For example, almost everyone I know has seen The Silence of the Lambs and think it’s a good scary movie about evil. I found it overwrought and silly…and I was shocked it got 5 Oscars. For years, I explained that away by thinking the movie had suffered because I saw the French/Dutch version of The Vanishing the week before, and that one had cut deep into me. It showed how simple evil was. How casual. I didn’t think any film could compare, so I shrugged and used that as my excuse to not be impressed by SotL . But the books I’ve read about evil being perpetrated brought back a memory of going to see The Exor