Spent today clearing up the places and things in my head over Dair's Window. I'm making up a town for this to take place in and got totally lost as to who was where and what, so worked up a map. I also did a timeline for the two main characters -- Dair and Adam -- so I could keep things in order...because the book is working out to be rather non-linear.

On the map, Dair's house is the lower right. It actually used to be a ski lodge owned by his father, who signed it over to him when he went to live in Nepal and contemplate his navel. Dair set his studio up in it and was living there with Adam as he created his stained glass artwork.

Dair's mother, Marion, owns Tidwika Lodge, at the top of the map, and her main competition is Tomika Ski Resort, operated by her other son, Gareth. They don't get along well.

Dair's grandfather is Reverend Samuels, whose church is to the middle left. Dair's working on a massive window for the church, as well, but having trouble with it.

The Pink Forest in the lower middle has a number of GBLTQ people living in it, and the South Town, to the lower left, is the poorer section. The wealthy area is west of here and not really referenced in the book except in passing.

The town is nestled in a valley in the Cascades, east of Seattle.

This has helped so damn much...


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