I've got 372 pages and more than 83,000 words done on Dair's Window, and I'm at a fork in the road that I can't seem to get past. All of the action till this point, except for memories and background, takes place in the week before Christmas. In one direction is playing out the rest of the story in a straight line, which would take it all the way to Easter. The other direction is truncating it to end on New Year's Eve. But I feel like that's kind of rushing it...even though it makes sense, emotionally.

I've spent hours trying to figure out which way to go, and I'm stuck. I could kill off another character in a tragic accident but that's so trash-TV, it makes me laugh. I halfway think it's the original script dogging me, here. That was set between Palm Sunday and Easter, which was not at all realistic.

I tried watching some of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Acorn but my mood wasn't great so I got all nit-picky. They're set in the 20s in Melbourne, and production-wise they're really good; the clothes look right as do the cars and locations. But the mysteries are simplistic nonsense meaning to have meaning, and the modern sensibilities shoved into them creak. I do like the casting, though. Essie Davis does well as a flapper and looks the part in many ways, but her coy back and forth with a married Police Detective is getting old. I'm liking the slow-budding romance between her lady's maid and a constable a lot more, since the main barrier there is her being Catholic and him being Protestant.

But it didn't blank my mind out enough to let things settle, and I'm still at a loss. Dammit. One thing I did decide to do is set the story in 2008, and that's when a number of details worked in to make that the right choice. Proposition 8 (AKA: Prop H8) passed in November 2008 and legal challenges were being begun. Washington state had only recently passed Civil Unions for same-sex couples and Referendum 74 was another 3 years away, to legalize same-sex marriage. This plays a lot better into the background of the story, so at least I got that settled.

I dunno...maybe I'll try reading a book.


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