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First rough draft done

I got quiet about working on A Place of Safety because I was so focused on it, I hated the thought of dealing with any other form of writing. No letters. Few emails, except when dealing with work. Arguments with my MC over what to do when and where and how...and finally I'm done. And on time. What I have is 3 parts, 1021 total double-spaced pages, and 222,450 words in 12 point Courier. I wound up having to kill one of my darlings , as the phrase goes, but once I got to this section I'd written long ago...and re-written and polished and made beautiful and perfect and just right and needing nothing but a short bridge from the end of Chapter 13 to MC told me it didn't work. And he was right. So I chucked half of it and shifted the rest to the final chapter...and it fit so much better. And makes what I think...I a shocking ending not only emotionally involving but acceptable. I still have a lot of rewriting and editing and rearranging to do on this pie