When the story and characters take charge...

I'm finding APoS may become a three part series of novels, because now that section 2 has begun revealing itself, it's expanding in ways I'm not sure I can...or want to...keep contained. Brendan's going through some PTSD here that bounces out at odd moments...and some not so odd.

Like being in Houston on the 4th of July, for the first time

He's working 3 nights a week at a bar in The Heights section, restocking, cleaning, keeping inventory of what they have on-hand. He's 17, illegal, and being paid straight out of the cash register. So he's working that night. Fireworks and guns have been going off all over the city, but not so much so that he can't handle it...until it gets dark; then they go hog-wild and he winds up cowering under the bar, freaking out. It takes quite a while for the bartender and a waitress to calm him down because he's flashing back to Bloody Sunday and the insanity of the paratroopers as they murdered demonstrators in front of him.

He winds up losing the job when he nearly kills a man who's attacking one of the waitresses at the bar, just after he turns 18. It turns out the man's a cop so there will be hell to pay...especially since he cripples the guy by smashing his knees with a baseball bat. He saw that happen in Derry, when some men who were part of the IRA knee-capped someone who was caught selling drugs. It was a common punishment, and is even referred to in the second season of Derry Girls, in the first lines of dialogue between Claire and Michelle.

Of course, now I need to add that scene to the first section, in Derry. And it may happen to a friend of Brendan's; not sure yet. This is all still developing...and I don't know what will remain and what will be cast aside before it's all over. But it's a hell of a lot better than the stasis I was in.

And Brendan's more alive, now, than he has been for some time.


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