Driving to Albany awoke me...

The drive from Buffalo to Albany is along Highway 90, a tollroad all the way. It runs over flat farmland then rolling hills, through ares of trees and of open plains and sharp cliffs, and has very few exits but is very well-maintained. Which was good, today, because it snowed the 120 miles to Syracuse, sometimes very hard. Then from Syracuse to Albany it was just cold and gray and icy.

However, it woke me up. I love how soft everything looked and gentle and lovely, and my mind relaxed...and I let it work over the Houston section for A Place of Safety and BAM! I saw I was assigning a betrayal of Brendan to the wrong character. By having it come from someone he trusts who is not a family member, his reaction once he knows explodes into a vicious anger that nearly destroys the perpetrator while actually helping protect himself from the serious legal consequences of being an illegal immigrant. It also predicates him crashing into drugs and apathy for the next few years.

It also better aligns actions and attitudes in Houston with those in Derry. Racism equals religious intolerance. Liars and bullies emboldened by the certainty they can do as they please are in every strata of society and Brendan is finally realizing he cannot escape or ignore them. To do so only makes matters worse.

I know it doesn't make much sense, now, but soon as I got to the hotel I wrote it all out in longhand and will input it to my Word doc tomorrow, when it's had a chance to percolate. Once I know for certain I'm not on another wild chase into the darkness. I've had too many of those, where I follow a thread that appears in the story only to find it's killing what the story's about.

Sometimes my characters like to have fun at my expense.


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