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Returning, slowly...

I slammed into a brick wall with APoS and had to take a break. I wrote another book, instead...and it helped me see what part of the problem is with what I've done with Brendan, so far. It's too fuckin' nice. Middle class. Gentle in ways it shouldn't be. Brendan works fine for his time in derry, from 1966-1972 -- just a kid trying to make his way while being caught up in history. Then he gets to Houston and, even though he's been through a horrendously traumatic event, one that caused him to have an emotional and mental collapse, he gets right back to being as he was. WRONG! Houston is not a respite. It's another world, completely. He needs to be more human in this instead of angelic. Angry. hurt. Scared. Lashing out. That's why this section was giving me such trouble. He's not acting right...and that needs to be handled. Because this town and its actions to him and others around him is what sets him up for the last section, when he returns to D