Book repair...

I got a copy of Burntollet, a book I ordered from a shop in the UK. In the description it mentioned water damage, but nothing about how the entire book had been dropped in water, at some time, and several pages were stuck together. Fortunately, I'd learned at Heritage Book Shop's bindery that you can wet the pages that are stuck, let them sit for a while then slowly pull them apart. Very slowly and carefully, using something slim but blunt to keep the fibers from tearing too badly.

So today, after a couple of doctors' appointments, was spent on repairs. This is the only copy of the book I'd been able to find, and most of it was in readable condition. Plus it had a copy of the image I'd used for my cover in it, showing it was taken on Spencer Road as the remains of the People's March entered Derry and has first-hand testimony of the people whose homes were trashed in the early morning hours of January 5th.

I did have some wording still tear away and stay stuck to the opposite page, but with the use of my Exacto knife, I was able to peel the bits off and glue most of them back in place, using Elmer's. Once it's done drying, I'll be able to go through it.

I also got a copy of Derry Journal, the 1980s, which was in near perfect condition. Both books came a lot faster than I expected...and makes me very happy.


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